Here’s what people are saying about Anita’s Cakes

“Ms. Tiemeyer has been my son Donovan’s alto saxophone player ever since he was a 6th grade middle school student. “If you are old enough to remember when your mother’s cakes tasted so good, you are in luck. Anita’s made from scratch cakes will bring back the taste of the great cakes that are made from scratch, not boxed, pre-mixed ingredients that lack the made from scratch taste. This is the perfect desert to serve at dinner parties, family reunions, etc. You will get the same if not better cakes that at a high dollar restaurant in a big city with a pastry chef. I highly recommend giving them a try.”

Dennis Unger, Happy Cake Buyer

“Wow,… before now,… didn’t care one way or another about sweets or desserts,… HOWEVER,… my taste buds have finally found a reason to change my thinking! Anita’s cakes are more than your average store bought or even bakery churned out garden variety of baked goods! These delicacies are handcrafted with the finest of ingredients and made to order! You don’t need a special occasion to dive into one of these! Her signature Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake or the Lemon Cake are literally melt in your mouth fantastic. They freeze great too so no need to worry about whether you have ‘room’ to consume! I have also ‘gifted’ some of these to friends and some of my co-workers and vendors just for the fun of it! Gotta try these! Thanks Anita! I have another order right around the corner! Something for everyone to enjoy!”

Marcia C., Happy Cake Buyer

“Miss Tiemeyer’s Hummingbird cake was absolutely delicious! Her cake had the presentation of a store-bought cake, but also the warm taste of a homemade one. The texture of the cake was really moist, and the taste wasn’t too sweet for my liking. For me, the cake was absolutely perfect!”

Sejoon Park, Indianapolis, IN, Happy Cake Buyer

“Best chocolate cake I have ever had! Better than what you get at a 5-Star restaurant.”

Betty Jean, Happy Dinner Guest