I started my lifelong love affair with music at the mere age of seven when my mother received a phone call from my sister’s piano teacher. Would Anita like to start lessons?

I will always remember that call on that Sunday evening in the kitchen and shouting, “Yes!” to my mom. I was overjoyed to begin learning music and playing actual songs on the family piano instead of just picking out the melodies I had heard on the TV and in my elementary general music class. I knew immediately that is was my calling for the rest of my life. I continued the piano lessons for ten years, and won first division ratings for five years at the ISSMA Solo and Ensemble contests while in junior and senior high school. I continued for a year in college and then focused my study on the oboe. But I always found time to practice on my own for the sheer enjoyment and relaxation.

I’ve played piano my entire life. Since teaching private music lessons to my woodwind students for over twenty-eight years, I’ve accompanied them at the district and state ISSMA contests every one of those years, and continue through the present.

I am expanding my teaching repertoire to include offering piano lessons to students of all ages, young children through adults, beginner through advanced. I can teach students in my home or at school provided there is a piano available. I can schedule the lessons during the students’ band or choir class with the director’s permission. Also, I teach piano lessons at Premier Music Studio, located in Nora (www.premiermusicstudio.com). I will choose age-appropriate lesson books for the student to purchase, and will help the student expand his/her training with solo material. I focus first on fundamentals-scales, harmony, chords, and finger exercises-for beginners to build a solid base for note reading, technique and dexterity around the keyboard. Beginner piano study books start with simple songs, adding new music concepts slowly. With a little practice, the student will soon be able to play simple tunes and even Jingle Bells and Happy Birthday. Later, students with sufficient skill may want to accompany their classmates at the ISSMA contests and maybe even make a little money. I suggest this possibility to motivate them to practice hard to learn the instrument. Additionally, if the student does not have a piano at home or access one, I will help him/her find one at a reasonable price. There are many types and styles of beginner electronic pianos that would be suitable. Used acoustical pianos is also an option, however their prices are usually much higher.

Just like with learning to play a band instrument, learning to play the piano is a long-term commitment. It cannot be mastered over a weekend or even a few months. It takes a lot of time and work. After fifty-three years of playing, I still have plenty to do to keep up my own skills. Even the great pianist Anton Rubenstein was once asked when he was in his eighties why he still practiced scales. He answered, “to get better.”

The procedure to start lessons is the same as for starting lessons on a woodwind instrument. Please follow the link below to the Getting Started page. I will receive your request in and I will contact you immediately. My schedule is flexible, and I can schedule the lessons at the student’s convenience. I require at least three lessons per month, 45 minutes, or weekly half hour lessons. I will provide the student and parent my contract which includes prices and other specifics.

The rewards of playing the piano for pleasure, or for entertaining for relatives at social functions, or perhaps at church is worth the time and money invested. It is the primary instrument to start on to build a foundation for any musical endeavor. I can get you or your child started on that path.

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