Here’s What Parents, Students and Band Directors Have To Say About Miss Tiemeyer!

“Ms. Tiemeyer has been my son Donovan’s alto saxophone player ever since he was a 6th grade middle school student. He is now a freshman in high school and due to the private one on one lessons that he has had, Donovan has achieved many top recognitions for his playing. I am proud to say that Donovan has won a gold medal at the ISSMA for the past two consecutive years under Ms. Tiemeyer’s direction. Donovan did not have any prior experience on the Alto Sax before middle school and the lessons early on were challenging for him. Ms. Tiemeyer produced “a diamond in the rough” and brought out true greatness in my son’s playing. Thank you Ms. Tiemeyer for turning an interest into a passion for Donovan!”

D’Andrea Addison, Saxophone Parent

“I’ve been studying with Miss Tiemeyer for three years at New Augusta Middle School in Pike Township. She corrects all my mistakes at once which helps me learn to play the music the right way. She gives me positive reinforcement and encourages me. Studying with Miss Tiemeyer has made me a accomplished clarinet player, and I have been able to achieve goals such as winning gold at the Indiana State School Music Association Solo and Ensemble contests, and participating in All-Region bands. I really enjoy working with Miss Tiemeyer!”

Julia, Clarinet Student

Anita Tiemeyer has been giving oboe lessons to our daughter since February 2016, and I’m regularly thankful that we, by chance, happened upon such a fabulous resource. She shares more than simple oboe exercises and how to properly read music. She teaches our daughter music theory, shares life lessons, and accepts no excuses. She listens to legitimate reasons but then helps her student find a way of overcoming the obstacle that interfered with their ability to practice and work on their music. We are extremely thrilled with Ms. Tiemeyer and highly recommend her as a music instructor!

Larissa Moebs, Oboe Parent

“If Miss Tiemeyer had not taught me the oboe, I would not have received a gold rating at the ISSMA State Solo and Ensemble contest. She’s very straightforward, and is patient in explaining the material in the lessons. As a sophomore at Pike High School, I have enjoyed band much more because I can play the oboe and the tenor saxophone well because of the private lessons with Miss Tiemeyer.”

Reece, Oboe Student

“Having known Anita Tiemeyer for many years, I as a music educator in the public schools for over 3 decades can attest to her outstanding abilities. She is hard working, thorough, and well versed in the methods of woodwind instruments. She demands the best from her students and herself. Students will find that they will dramatically improve in areas of tone quality, technique, and general musicianship. She has had several students in the Indiana All-State bands. Her students also excel in solo and ensemble contest including the State Solo and Ensemble contest in Indiana. Her students regularly rise to leadership positions in their sections of their full ensembles.”

Dan Christian, Director, New Augusta North Bands

“Ms. Tiemeyer is an incredibly dedicated teacher who is interested in one thing: putting her students in the best place to succeed. She will dialogue with Band directors to find out what she can do to help her students succeed at a higher level.“

Aaron Burkhart, Pike High School Band Director

“As a clarinet student of Miss Tiemeyer, I have improved and learned things about my instrument and music that I wouldn’t have learned just in band class. Miss Tiemeyer is understanding about me making mistakes and is patience with me. She always wants me to play my best. Taking lessons has let me get into All-Region band, and I have won gold at the ISSMA Solo and Ensemble contest three years in a row. She’s a great teacher!”

Janelle, Pike High School