Religious intolerance, hate, and bigotry that poisons a wealthy, well-respected family is the theme of my new historical novel, The Guardian’s Son. The story is also about faith, devotion, and steadfast love that conquers adversity from all sides. It is a powerful, heartrending study of Christian values that readers will not only appreciate but will be inspired in their faith.

The Guardian’s Son will be released in June 2021. This is Book I of a series of six which follows the life of Holocaust survivor Joe Kaufmann. Set in Ithaca, New York, in the summer of 1945, seven-year-old Joe Kaufmann arrives at the home of his guardian, Dr. Grayson Pierce. Grayson is a widower and lives with his tyrannical mother, Nina Cassandra, his ruthless, unyielding older sister, Mildred, his benign but clueless Aunt Elvie, and his insolent eight-year-old daughter, Irene. Grayson allows Joe to keep his Jewish religion. But this creates a firestorm with his devout Catholic family who insists that he be converted to Catholicism. Adding to the tension in the Pierce mansion, Joe and Grayson must cope with their horrific memories of the notorious Nazi slave labor camp, Buchenwald. The drama concludes with an acrimonious stand-off at Christmastime but Grayson’s and Joe’s devotion and love for each other as guardian and ward secure their relationship for the rest of their lives.

The Guardian’s Son will be available as a print or eBook. Readers may purchase this book directly on my website,,, or Barnes and Noble. Please watch for the announcement of its release. It is truly a fantastic story!

I am available for anyone interested in discussing the topics and issues presented in this book and in A Brother for Sorrows. I would be happy to attend book clubs, podcasts, guest speaking engagements, and interviews. Please leave your contact information in the comment section of my website and I will respond to your inquiry promptly. Thank you!