A Marshall Fields Christmas Story

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Christmas is a special time at Chicago’s Marshall Fields department store. During the holiday rush, sales clerk Alice finds herself pulled into a toxic relationship with an assistant manager that puts her job at risk. Will she overcome her self-hatred and take the next step with the conviction of doing the right thing?

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The protagonist, Alice, is so desperate for attention and love that she falls for an assistant manager, Greg Newkirk. This man is a study in deception and lies. And just like what we see today in political circles, he takes advantage of a vulnerable underling and exploits her loyalty for his own monetary gain. However, unlike some on Capitol Hill, she courageously stands up to this thief by exposing him to her department manager. Her inner sense of right and wrong overrides whatever attachment she feels for this man. She loses who she thought was her boyfriend, but she can get a good night’s sleep and wake up with a “song in her heart.” Her actions remind us that we must connect with our conscience and act when we see injustice, even when we might get hurt in doing so.


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