Elves In Little Red Suits

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Set in the era of McCarthyism in 1953, congressional aide, Marty Brewer, becomes caught in a web of lies, deception, and hypocrisy, but learns the true meaning of Christmas.

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Marty Brewer is gung-ho in his job of rooting out communism. He believes that what he is doing is “the right thing.” His boss is America’s man of the hour, on the front lines saving democracy and the American Way. But when interviewing Hollywood bigwigs and stars, Marty gets caught up in a choking web of lies, innuendos, rumors, and backstabbing. Again, selfish, insecure characters take advantage of the “Red Scare” milieu to further their own careers at others’ expense. They step on their professional colleagues’ necks and never look down. At the story’s end, Marty has an epiphany. Digging into his own sense of what’s right and what’s wrong, he decides that he cannot continue this destructive charade. His decision means quitting his job, but he is willing to make that sacrifice.

So what will be our sacrifice to recapture our values of integrity, tolerance, and honesty? Can we resuscitate our moral character? At this point in our nation’s history, our words and actions will determine that. As an American society, can we claw back our sense of dignity, respect for each other, courtesy, and deference? I hope my stories will give you, the reader, the inspiration to do just that.


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